Christmas Gifts for the Office

Picking out a Christmas gift for the office used to be pretty easy to do. There are certain standard Christmas gift ideas for the office that would always work. You could always get someone candies, assorted nuts, some nice gourmet coffee, or an ornamental keepsake from your vacation.

Gifts005Nowadays, however, everything is changed. Coming up with the right Christmas gift idea for the office can be quite a chore. That fancy coffee that you wanted together as a present for your secretary? Better make sure that she doesn’t have heart palpitations or some other problem. That gourmet nut assortment?  Who doesn’t have nut allergies anymore?

If you work in a small office, of course, you can always check these things. You can ask the people around you if they have any food issues that you should be aware of. Although this will give them some clue as to what you are getting them, it won’t totally cue them in.

Nonetheless, sometimes it is nice to be able to get everyone the same thing — particularly if you work in a bigger office. You don’t want to show favoritism, after all, and you never know when someone will be unhappy with the present that they got.

That is why gift baskets make so much more sense for Christmas gifts for the office. Although occasionally you might give a gift basket to someone who is allergic to chocolate or does not like the summer sausage that comes with the gift, there will always be at least something there that they like.

fruitbowl1Another thing that I really like about baskets as a Christmas gift for the office is that they are so well put together. Although there isn’t always that much to them, every element complements everything else, resulting in a gift that is sure to bring happiness to recipient.

Of course, you can always give out Christmas mugs, crystal vases, or glass blown ornaments as well.

Lastly, be careful not to get anything risque or offensive. That lottery ticket tree might work for several people, but for someone who doesn’t gamble it could bother them.

After all, if your Christmas gift for the office might result in bad feelings, you are better off not giving it at all.

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