Black Friday Ads

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Here at we LOVE Black Friday. Granted, the “biggest shopping day of the year” is really no longer just one day and it actually starts on Thanksgiving Thursday. Nevertheless we love it!

We love the excitement of of the doors opening and people rushing in (we stand back and watch!), finding a great deal or two, and just soaking in the first day of the calendar year where it feels like EVERYONE is ready for Christmas! (FINALLY!)

Here are the deals and websites we’ve found to help you prepare for the big day!

Black Friday Ads

Walmart’s Black Friday Ad Released –

Black Friday Websites

All of these sites pretty much have the same information.  You can try them all out and see what you like the best.

BlackFriday.Com – One of the better looking sites (neat and clean) for Black Friday.

TheBlackFriday.Com – Kind of scattered, but I love that they have their deals right on the top of the front page.  I use this one frequently. – BFADS (Black Friday Ads) has a cool feel to it too.  More narrative than the other sites.  This site has the shopping “feel” too it.  I get excited reading about the deals on this site just because of how they’re worded.

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